Typically, there are 3 types of Order API implementation which differ in complexity and value brought to the POS/web-shop system customers:

1. Stock synchronisation

  • In this basic implementation, merchants accept their orders in Miinto Admin panel, while POS/web-shop system fetches only accepted orders in order to register a sale and update stock information.​​ 

2. Full order management (manual acceptance)

  • In this implementation, all pending orders are fetched by POS/web-shop system where merchant can accept, decline and update the order with shipping information. The decision whether to accept the order is manual.

3. Full order management (automatic acceptance)

  • In this implementation, all pending orders are fetched by POS/web-shop system, where an algorithm decides whether particular order can be accepted based on stock information and price.

  • Note, that due to the nature of our business model, we calculate the best price among all prices provided by multiple merchants. Therefore, a merchant might receive orders with different price than submitted in the product feed.


Currently the following versions of Order API are supported:

Product map


Product map is used to match item data in order records returned by Order API with item data provided in the product feed. 

Endpoint details:

URL: https://api-pc.miinto.net/productmaps?unifiedLocationId=[unifiedlocationID] 
e.g. https://api-pc.miinto.net/productmaps?unifiedLocationId=1-m!i!s-045-1234


Note that the unifiedlocationId is the same as your shop ID used in Order API.



The structure of the response is the following

[["item_group_id or style_id (if style_id exists in the feed)",”id”,"gtin","miintoItemID"],[],[]]

Structure example:



Important notes:

  • Product Map can only be used with Order API 2.2 and above.

  • Product Map will only return data for shops fully migrated to our central product database (Product Centre).

  • If the feed contains multiple items with the same “id” or “gtin” (duplicates), all duplicated items will not be returned by the product map.

  • Only processed (i.e merged with existing product in our database) and valid items are returned by the product map. 


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