Would you like to become our Integration Partner?

Please check our guide how to get started with us!


1. Introduction

Before you start development, let's organise a call during which we can discuss scope of the integration, how our ecosystem works and what are the steps needed to finish the integration.

  • The aim of the introduction is to get familiar with your system, types of customers you have (whether those are existing Miinto boutiques or brands) and business goals you would like to achieve with Miinto integration in order to advise you on the best possible set up.

  • Also, we would be grateful if you could go through our product feed and Order API documentation beforehand, so that we could already have a high-level discussion on the potential challanges that we will have to solve together.

Contact us via integration@miinto.com

2. Product feed preparation

Preparing a product feed, enabling your customers to automatically exchange  product and stock data between your system and Miinto is the quickest way to bring value to your customers.

  • Please find the product feed documentation links below.

  • Ensure that your developer has seen the information on this page and the product feed documentation.

  • Your developer is welcome to contact us for any questions regarding the documentation or validation of the feed.

  • Note that we can only advise and answer questions and cannot develop the feed for you, but we will do our best to find a solution to any of the challenges you might face.

3. Feed validation

Once you develop the components needed to expose the data, we would like to validate the feed based on a real customer data.

  • The best way to validate whether your feed integration works properly and what might be the challenges resulting from the way your system's users input data, is to validate the feed filled with live data.

  • We will review whether the feed is compliant with our requirements. This is to ensure that your customers will not have any problems with outdated stock on miinto or adding new products when new collection arrives to their boutique or warehouse!

  • This step may require involvement of a person in your boutique that can provide some expertise to the developer on how products are registered in your system or introduce some small changes in certain products (for example, add information on what is the color of the product).

  • If the feed passes all tests, we can sign off the integration as ready to be used by all your customers.

Send the feed link to integration@miinto.com

4. Support process

After the feed integration pasess tests and is ready to be released, we will agree on a support terms and process of integrating new customers.

  • In order for the integration process to be smooth, we will agree on the steps needed to integrate your customers, so that we both know what are the steps needed and the process is also transparent for you.

  • Also, we will kindly ask you to provide us information on how can we report any incidents related with the feed integration.

Our support contact is integration@miinto.com

5. Order integration

If you would like to improve your customers experience with Miinto even more, we strongly encourage you to plan Order API integration.
It enables your customers to manage Miinto orders in POS/web-shop system and synchronise stock.

  • We provide a product called Order API that enables a boutique or a brand to manage their Miinto orders in their own system.

  • We highly recommend you to plan this part of the integration, but please note that we your customers use only feed integration. 

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