Would you like to put your products online on Miinto?

Please check our guide how to get started with us!



Please see the steps below that will help you to achieve the following business goals:

1. Put your products online

2. Provide Miinto with stock information

3. Manage your Miinto orders in your own systemoptional, but recommended step.

1. Contact our Sales Team

If you do not have the contract signed yet, please contact our Sales Team in order to agree on the commercial terms.

  • Please check the sites below for information on how to initiate cooperation with Miinto in respective country:

Miinto.DK - http://c.miinto.net/inbound-dk/

Miinto.NO - http://c.miinto.net/inbound-no/

Miinto.SE - http://c.miinto.net/inbound-se/


Miinto.BE - http://c.miinto.net/inbound-be/

Miinto.PL - http://c.miinto.net/inbound-pl/

Miinto.CH - http://c.miinto.net/inbound-ch/

Contact our Sales Team

2. Check partners list

Before you involve a developer to prepare the technical part of the integration, please check our partners site. Your webshop system might be already integrated with us!

  • Before you involve a developer, check what kind of POS/web-shop system you use. 

  • Miinto is already integrated with various POS/web-shops and plugin providers which means that you can have your integration running quickly without technical knowledge using one of our 3rd party partners. 

  • If you find that your system is already integrated, please make sure that you put your webshop administrator or IT specialist in touch with our partner. Configuration of the plugin might reguire a bit of technical knowledge.

  • If your system is not integrated, you will have to involve your developer to build the feed. See next steps for details.

3. Product feed preparation

In order to start selling your products on Miinto, you need to provide us with a product feed which is a file containing list of your products and your current stock information.

  • Preparing product feed requires a good portion of technical knowledge and is typically done by an IT specialist.

  • However, before you involve a developer, check what kind of POS/web-shop system you use. Miinto is already integrated with various POS/web-shops and plugin providers which means that you can have your integration out of the box without technical knowledge. Your Miinto Account Manager will provide you the information on what solutions are already integrated.

  • If you need IT support to prepare the product feed, ensure that your developer has seen the information on this page and the product feed documentation.

  • Your developer is welcome to contact us for any questions regarding the documentation or validation of the feed.

  • Note that we can only advise and answer questions and cannot develop the feed for you.  This is solely the responsibility of the shop and the developer hired for the job.

4. Feed validation

Before we onboard your products, we need to validate your product feed to ensure you do not encounter any problems with integration

  • As a result of the previous step, you or your developer will have to provide us with a link (URL) to your feed. It may look like http://yourshopname.com/miinto_product_feed.tsv.

  • We will review whether the feed is compliant with our requirements. This is to ensure that you will not have any problems with outdated stock on miinto or adding new products when new collection arrives to your shop!

  • This step may require involvement of a person in your boutique that can provide some expertise to the developer on how products are registered in your system or introduce some small changes in certain products (for example, add information on what is the color of the product).

  • If your feed passes all tests, we can start onboarding your products!

Validate the feed using Feed Analysis Service https://proxy-fas.miinto.net/

5. Products online

Now we have all the information we need about the products you would like to expose on Miinto. It's time to put them online!

  • Your Miinto Account Manager will guide you through your shop interface and explain how to manage your products, accept orders and other features of our system.

  • Your products are online on Miinto!

Contact your Miinto Partner Manager

6. Order integration

Optionally, you can accept your Miinto orders in POS/web-shop system and update your stock information every time the order is accepted by you.

  • We provide a product called Order API that enables you to manage your Miinto orders in your own system.

  • Same as with product feed, some of our POS/web-shop partners have this feature out of the box and you do not need to involve any IT resources.

  • If your system is not already integrated, make sure that your IT specialist has seen the information on this page and the Order API documentation (link below)


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