Product feed is used to ensure automatic synchronization of Boutique products to Miinto. It has to be developed according to the recommendations described below as General feed requirements and should always contain the data described in the Product feed fields chapter. 

​If you have any questions to this documentation or face problems during the development, we highly encourage you to firstly look into our FAQ section.

At the end of this page you will also find example feed files which you can refer to.

General feed requirements

Product feed has to comply with a following list of general requirements concerning format, loading and hosting:

File format:

  • File contains headers of all columns, both mandatory and optional (order of the columns is not important)

  • File is saved in TSV (Tab-separated values) format

  • File text is UTF-8 encoded

  • Unix end-of-line characters are used

File loading:

  • File is updated at least every 2 hours

  • File can be downloaded in no longer than in 15 seconds

  • First byte of the data is returned in no longer than 5 seconds

  • Filename is fixed (does not include date, time etc.)

  • File contains all products that the partner wants to expose, incremental (delta) update is not supported

File hosting:

  • File is available over HTTP or FTP server and is accessible from external network

  • The only supported authentication method is HTTP Basic Auth or FTP credentials

  • sFTP is not supported

  • Image links are accessible from external network and do not require user agent to be provided when downloading them

Data quality requirements 


Technical requirements

  • All mandatory fields must be filled with data

  • GTIN column must not contain any duplicate value

  • c:season_tag:string format must match Miinto format

  • Prices must include cents and must be in correct format

  • Only M/F/U values are valid in Gender attribute

  • Size value must be unique within single variant
    (i.e. there are no two GTINs within a variant that have the same size value)

  • Product image URL should not return error (403 or 503) or image placeholder instead of a photo

Business requirements:

  • Product discount price must not be higher than the retail price

  • GTIN column contains a real GTIN number that can be used to identify items in the boutiques. See GS1 specification here 

  • Description does not contain any tags (HTML or any other type of tag)

  • Item_group_id and style_id has the same value for all variants of the same product

  • Style_id can be used to identify product in Brand Product Catalogue

  • Product_type is different for different types (categories) of products and matches Miinto dictionary (see dictionary below)

  • Color attribute contains a variant name (e.g. color) of the product, not fixed value such as "as shown on the picture" 

Photos requirements

  • Photos must match the business requirements described in the PDF below:

Product feed fields

  • Expand the list below to see field's description, data restrictions, data type and requirement or search for a specific field requirements.

  • Please remember that all columns have to be provided in the TSV header.

  • Important - the following attributes should not be changed after the feed is live. Making changes in those attributes will cause products to be offline and will require reverting the changes by Partner:

    • item_group_id​

    • c:style_id:string

    • brand

    • color

    • size

Example files

Season code


c:season_tag:string example

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